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Hi, beginner golfer here.

Well, before buying this product, I couldn't find solid reviews (good or bad), so I kind of took a gamble. I'll try to help anyone who is thinking of buying this product, so, I'll be updating this review during a couple of months.

First of all, I got it delivered in a day (from Amazon), so I was amazed at the quickness of it.

My source or base to make this review is a hand down bag (nike) with Wilson's Deep Red clubs.

Day 0. The bag is really nice, light, compact, two leg stand, cover bag, no complaints here, really nice. The clubs, well they look solid and are really light.

I took them right away to the driving range, tried all of them. All of them past the first test ... none broke or made "funny sounds" and I seemed to have an easier time hitting the ball that I did with the Wilson clubs. Part is because of the weight.

So, up till now, I'm very happy with the buy.

I'll update the review once I take them to the course.

Well it's been a couple of weeks, on which I've gone to the range and to the course, and I'm happy to say that the clubs are solid. I'm changing my rating from 4 to 5, just because its been everything that I was expecting. Up till now, great beginner club set. Very happy with the purchase.

Just wanted to let anyone (still interested) know that everything is OK, I've been happily golfing since I've got the set. Good luck. >>>Visit Amazon Buy Best golf clubs Free Shipping Order Now!<<<